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A New Year Update

January has been dominated by lockdown 3 for all, and certainly for any High Sheriff duties. Sadly, I have not been able to tread the streets of Hertfordshire but I am fully aware of the testing times these seemingly quiet days present for many sectors of our society.

Charities and voluntary groups are once again at the front line supporting their communities and helping the vulnerable. I have seen the collections being made for food and other goods, distributions being made under secure Covid conditions and the constant need to communicate and avoid the dreadful fear of isolation. I have connected with many charities doing so much in their communities to help others namely, Small Acts of Kindness and Hand on Heart – both in Watford.

I have attended two Holocaust Memorial Services with St Albans Council and East Herts Council. At both events we have been reminded that ethnic cleansing and genocide still exists in the world today and is not isolated to the atrocities of World War II. Sadly, too many people live in fear of these ongoing brutalities and more must be done to stamp out such evil actions.

We also mourn the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore – a true hero of both war and peace. He captured the thoughts of a nation and remined us of the bravery and tenacity of a generation that has almost passed us by. But, in his quest to support our NHS, he rekindled the spirit of the Country as we fought Covid-19 and gave us hope with his motto – ‘tomorrow will be a good day’.

We must hold together in the firm belief that there is clear light in our tunnel, and we will soon return to the life of ‘new normal’. I praise the NHS but also all those working tirelessly day and night in the vaccination centres doing an amazing job to give us hope of a brighter summer.


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