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Themes for my year as High Sheriff

Today, while supporting the Crown and the judiciary remain central elements of the role of the High Sheriff, it is common for the High Sheriff to have a theme or focus for his or her year in office, reflecting his or her particular interests.


I will be working to help build stronger communities of all sorts. The strength of our communities affects all aspects of our life from our wellbeing and safety to our environment and economy. Whether based on geography or brought together by a shared cause, stronger communities provide us with a sense of connection, an ability to influence and a channel through which to contribute. 


I am particularly interested in interfaith and integration initiatives that bring all sorts of people together and foster a real sense of community spirit and care of others.




There can be no more important time to encourage tolerance and foster understanding between people of all beliefs. I will be supporting interfaith work throughout Hertfordshire, both formal dialogue and grassroots engagement, to help demonstrate how a greater understanding of what we have in common as well as respect for our differences can inform and enhance the wider public good. 




There are many in our society who need extra support. They are dealing with issues such as mental illness, exploitation, disability, addiction, domestic violence, isolation or difficult family circumstances. I will be supporting communities that offer both specialised and joined up support and also help with integration and rehabilitation back into our wider communities. 



I will be supporting the work of HCF in matching local giving with local need. HCF believes that strong communities possess the local knowledge and passion to create community resilience and cohesion as well as real and lasting change. You can find out about HCF by clicking HERE.

Throughout the year I will be hoping to raise money for the small local charities who make such a difference to so many in our county. HCF will help me distribute any money raised so it can be used effectively and where it is most required. If you would like to visit my Justgiving page, click HERE.