My year as High Sheriff

It is customary for the High Sheriff to follow particular themes during their year of office which may relate to their own professional experience or drawing on knowledge gained through previous or current work in the County. In my year my focus will be on the following.



Traditionally, and as enshrined in role of the High Sheriff, there is a strong association with the Police and the Judiciary of the County. I will take great interest in these two authorities and offer my support to them and all agencies associated with law and order.



For the charity sector, I wish to use my close association with Hertfordshire Community Foundation to further their reach into the County, and offer them and the charities they are currently working with my support. For HCF this goes further, we know many charities well, we know a number more on the periphery, but our own commissioned research, Herts Matters, shows that we still have a long way to go. As High Sheriff I will use my office to assist HCF fund greater sectors of our communities, and further the grant giving we make to some of the unknown charities in our County. 



From my own personal perspective my interests lie with my professional work in the property sector and with agriculture, conservation, the environment and the enhancement of our rural communities and landscape. My focus with the local boroughs and districts will be on these issues coupled with the essential complexities of refuse, litter, recycling, renewable energy and public access to open spaces. I trust I have experience to offer on these topics but also respect that I have much to see and much to learn. 












HCF’s mission is to help those most in need in Hertfordshire by raising funds and connecting philanthropy to community needs and opportunities.


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Any funds raised during my year as High Sheriff will go directly to the HCF High Sheriff’s Appeal. You can help us with this by donating hereEvery penny raised by HCF stays in Hertfordshire








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