The High Sheriff's Cadet

Belle joined Three Rivers Police Cadets in 2019. Through this she has won Cadet of the Year 2020 which has given her the opportunity to carry out this role to support the High Sheriff in his duties.

Belle is currently studying Public Services at West Herts College, and once finished, is joining the Police Force with an aspiration to join the armed response team. She is a dedicated member of Herts Police Cadets where she volunteers her time with them.

Belle supports several Military Charities close to her heart that have supported her dad who suffers with C-PTSD from his time serving in the British Armed Forces.

Belle enjoys re-enacting and is a member of a few groups; including the Wild West. Belle also enjoys theatre school and socialising and is looking forward to meeting new people.

Belle is a keen herpetologist and enjoys keeping a variety of reptiles and is keen to support their conservation as well as educating people about her reptiles.


Belle has a younger sister, who is autistic, and an older brother, who helps to run his local cub group. Belle has faced many personal challenges in her life but has always hit them face-on, with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Belle’s parents have always supported her, and her mum is extremely proud of the young woman she is becoming.