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High Sheriff's Cadets

I am delighted to have the support of 3 Police Cadets throughout my term in office. They will also act as my Swordbearer as and when necessary during the year.

LEAH BRACKLEY -  Welwyn and Hatfield Police Cadets

I joined the Metropolitan Police Cadets at the age of 11, but after two years my family and I re-located to Hertfordshire. The first thing I did having moved, was research my local Cadet group and apply to join. My local cadet group is the Welwyn & Hatfield Police Cadets, which is based at Hertfordshire Constabulary Headquarters. Since that day I can honestly say that I have found my place. We have an amazing team and I know that I will stay with the Police Cadets until I become a Police Officer. I am extremely committed and I aspire to become a Police Dog Handler. I plan to spend my life with my Police Family serving the public of Hertfordshire. Until then I will continue to enjoy every part of Police Cadets. In a bid to help with my career I am currently studying criminology. 


Whilst I have been a Cadet, we have taken part in the Remembrance Day Parade in Welwyn Garden City. We have also been on a trip to the National Police Air Service (NPAS) base where we met Police Officers from the Air Support Unit. We were also fortunate enough to visit the Air Ambulance Base too to understand what the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance do. We were lucky enough to meet the crews of both the NPAS and Air Ambulance Helicopters. This was a fantastic experience! 


I have been fortunate to receive an award from the Chief Inspector for Welwyn & Hatfield for my intervention at an incident where a female was injured in Welwyn Garden City. Another Cadet and I helped the lady get support and reported the incident to Police. 


In July 2022, I took part in the County Police Cadets Competition where Cadets from all over the county competed and put their training into practice. Also in the Summer of 2022, we assisted in proving the Policing response to the Liam Gallagher concert at Knebworth House. 

The Police Cadets provides me with some fantastic opportunities which I would otherwise not have. I am really proud to be a Police Cadet, and coming to Cadet sessions. I enjoy every minute and I am looking forward to everything else to come. 


GENE GOULDEN - Three Rivers Police Cadets

I joined the three Rivers Police Cadets when I was 16 following a talk at my school by a police officer who came to give a presentation.  This introduced me to the concept of joining the police and the Police Cadets.  After being at cadets for a short while, I became further interest in a police career, and I am undertaking a course in Criminal Investigation and Psychology at college.  After this course my plan is to start my career as an apprentice police officer within Hertfordshire Constabulary. 

Whilst I have been a cadet over the last year, I have attended a number of events.  I have visited NPAS (National Police Air Service) where I had the opportunity to sit in the front of the helicopter and see first hand how complex it is to fly one!  We also visited the Air Ambulance site which was really interesting as I work as a lifeguard having passed my NPLQ (National pool lifeguard qualification) first aid course. I have been able to use these skills in my cadet sessions.

Following my training I attended the Police Cadets County Competition where cadet groups gather from around the county and put into practice the skills they have learnt. Our squad was successful in winning an award in the dog’s unit event.

As part of my cadet training, I have spoken at school careers days to encourage others to join the cadets and to spark an interest in the police.

Whilst being on the Three Rivers Police cadets, I have met some inspirational leaders and learnt from experts in their field.  I have really enjoyed my time so far and will continue to enjoy my experience until I join the police.

TIFFANNI THOMASON - East Herts Police Cadets

My name is Tiffanni Thomason, and I’m 17 years old, I have been a member of Hertford Cadets for almost two years, and I have proudly taken the position as one of the head cadets.


As a cadet, I always try my hardest to attend every event that's being held and every session possible unless I’m very unwell, I enjoy volunteering within the local community at events and engaging with the public.


From attending cadets, I have gained much stronger communication skills and a lot of confidence. When it comes to leadership I excel at this naturally being the oldest sibling of four. I always try my best to support the other cadets in my unit when needed.


I also help out weekly at a local beavers unit, and I am currently in training to become a young leader within the scouting community.


I am currently studying public services at college to become a police officer, and I am earning distinctions for almost all of my assignments. I use the experience and knowledge gained from cadet sessions to teach my classmates the skills that I have learnt, with my college teacher often asking me to take the lead with sessions such as drill.


I understand the importance of the role of the High Sheriff and the commitment that will be required to carry out the role of the High Sheriff's cadet.

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