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High Sheriff's Cadets


I have been with cadets since I was 13 years old. I have gone from the youngest cadet in Hertfordshire to now being one of the longest standing within the East Herts cadet group.  My commitment to the group is well known and I rarely, if ever, miss a session.  I became one of the head cadets in March 2021 and have enjoyed the extra responsibility that the role brings. I intend to remain with the cadets for as long as possible and once left, if able, will remain as a young leader. During my time at cadets I have accompanied the group leaders to award ceremonies such as the Herts County Auto & Aero Club and have assisted at High Sheriff events before. I was awarded Volunteer of the year by Deputy Lieutenant, Fergus McMullen, in October 2019. I’m aware that the role of the High Sheriff is ceremonial but one that carries responsibility and is effectively the Queen's representative in the county. I understand the importance of the role and the maturity that will be required to carry out the role of the High Sheriff's cadet. 



During our cadets sessions, I naturally take on a higher authority role and therefore help the younger, less experienced, cadets to advance, showing not only leadership, but also a desire to help others. As well as this, I also enjoy volunteering and helped out at my local after-school club. This gave me great satisfaction as I enjoyed helping a wide range of children come together, a task that links in with the High Sheriff's role of assisting the community. I also have an interest in a future career in law, and believe having this role will give me a good insight into the different areas surrounding this topic.

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