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The Alban Pilgrimage

This year, the Alban Pilgrimage took place on St Albans Day itself, Saturday 22 June.

Each year, 12ft tall carnival puppets, representing figures from the story of St Alban, take to the streets to re-enact the historic events which led to St Alban's execution at the hands of the Romans. The puppets of Alban and Amphibalus are accompanied in a procession from St Peters’s Church to St Albans Cathedral by people of all ages dressed as lions, Roman soldiers, angels, chariots and more, resulting in a stunning spectacle of colour and celebration.

The sun shone, the streets were lined with flag-waving onlookers and it was wonderful to join many others in the procession, including the Lord Lieutenant, the Mayor of St Albans and the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire.

We watched the puppets performing the execution of St Alban at the door of the Cathedral and followed the Dean, holding high the severed head of St Alban, into the Cathedral for a magnificent Festival Eucharist for pilgrims of all ages and representing many nationalities.

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