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High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire's Justice Service

On Sunday, I attended the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, Mrs Milly Soames DL's, Justice Service. It was a a sunny Sunday afternoon with other High Sheriffs present, including the High Sheriff of Berkshire, the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire and the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire.

It was a fantastic day and a particular highlight of mine was the lively rendition of 'Bring me Sunshine' that was performed by Waddesdon Manor Choir. The Service was preceded by lunch at the Dairy in Waddesdon.

A High Sheriff's Justice Service is a traditional annual service with the main aim of bringing together those involved in the maintenance of law and order, the administration of justice and those involved in related voluntary organisations. Whilst the duties of a High Sheriff's role have evolved over time, supporting the Crown and the judiciary remain central elements of the role today. The annual Justice Service is therefore one of the most important dates in a High Sheriff's year. I was very happy to be involved in an adjoining High Sheriff's Justice Service, and only hope my own is such a success!

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