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The Stefanou Foundation


The Stefanou Foundation is a philanthropically established charity, with its main office in Welwyn Garden City, and also based in Stevenage to deliver the Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby Programme.  



Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby Programme


Breaking the cycle’ is the aim of Hertfordshire’s new domestic abuse strategy and a natural focus for Stelio’s shrieval year. 


Expectant parents in Hertfordshire are the first in the country to be offered the Stefanou Foundation’s  ‘Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby (HRHB) programme.


HRHB is a new earlier intervention for expectant mothers and fathers who want to give their babies and children the best start in life, but need intensive support to end the cycle and impact of domestic abuse and also, crucially, to overcome the impact of trauma in their own childhood.


The Stefanou Foundation invested in Hertfordshire as the prototype site for HRHB because of Hertfordshire’s commitment to partnership working. The Foundation has worked closely with local government, health, police and probation services to design the intervention and build the service pathways. 


Our Hertfordshire team of seven highly trained staff are co-located with the Thriving Families Team in Stevenage. The first families to have taken up HRHB are making life-changing progress and our first babies have been born.


Year after year, High Sheriffs see the long term impact of early childhood exposure to domestic abuse, through their interaction with the courts, the police and many public and voluntary sector services. The Stefanou Foundation looks forward to keeping you updated on how the Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby Programme is helping mothers and fathers to bring an early end to domestic abuse and provide secure and loving homes for their babies and children.


To find out more or discuss working with us, please contact us


The Stefanou Foundation

Suite 106, 29 Broadwater Road

Welwyn Garden City



Tel: 01707 329472







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