Garden City Day Services

July 21, 2016

I met with Mary Upton and Valerie Levison and some of their colleagues on Tuesday. I was shown around by one of their clients into the Main hall where everyone congregates and where daily quizzes, etc, take place. There is a lounge area where clients can play music and an IT room where they can use computers and search the internet. There is also a reminiscence room done up in 1950's style and, in another room, clients have a made a big model railway to a very high standard which includes tracks, stations, houses, etc, all based on a 1950's theme.


A client also showed me around the day centre's kitchen where they hold cookery classes; currently, they are making dishes of Greece. I have offered to return to teach the class how to make a speciality of mine - vegetarian moussaka!


The Day Centre has a framing service and some of the clients are trained in how to make picture frames. The public can then bring in their photos for framing for a charge.


On the way out, I was touched when Mary said they are organising a walk in support of the Stefanou Foundation and especially the Stevenage branch of HRHB.


Watch this space for an update on Vegetarian Moussaka and the potential walk.

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