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High Sheriffs' Association Badge of Office


The Queen issued her Royal Licence and Authority for the Shrievalty Association of England and Wales to incorporate the Royal Crown in its arms and badge in 1991. There are only a few institutions which have been licensed to use the Royal Crown in this way and this is a very rare privilege. The Crown has an ermine border around its base to symbolise the Judiciary.


The swords are in saltire (crossed in an x-shape), with the blunt sword representing Mercy and the sharp sword, Justice. The Tudor roses symbolise England and the crossed leeks, Wales. The wreath of gold oak leaves is representative of the national tree of England.

High Sheriff of Hertfordshire's Badge of Office


It is unusual for the Office of a High Sheriff to have a coat of arms, but arms were granted to the Office of the High Sheriff for the County of Hertford in 1963: College of Arms Grants 126/170.  The arms are described as “Azure a castle triple towered Or on a Chief Argent a Hart lodged proper".

Badge of the High Sheriffs' Association

Badge of the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire